The main purpose of this website is to contain my CV, which you can find here. Nothing too exciting to be expected here.

Academic stuff

I have a master's degree in logic from the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam, where I did the Logic and Mathematics track. My MSc thesis can be found at the ILLC website:
Quantum quirks, classical contexts: Towards a Bohrification of effect algebras;
it was co-supervised by Chris Heunen and Nick Bezhanishvili.

I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Edinburgh; my BSc project can be found here:
Sheaves on Topological Spaces and their Logic (as submitted for assessment),
and it was supervised by Tom Leinster.

Other projects and mathematical writing:

Reading project in point-free topology, 2019-20.
Project on path categories and weak ω-groupoids, 2019-20.
The Category of Hilbert Spaces as an Orthogonal Category, together with a series of blog posts on quantum logic:, 2017.


Occasionally, I write for the sake of writing (and thinking). Some of the outcomes of this peculiar process can be found here:

My essay was published in the second issue of the University of Edinburgh Philosophy Society Journal:
Statistical Hypothesis Testing in the Context of Hume’s Critique of Induction.

Other projects

The Indispensables Co.
Photo challenge game (rules) created together with Elisa Leppänen (who also put these rules together).

Things I follow or recommend

The n-Category Café
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